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Antagonism between perazine and flavine on the NAD-kinases of rat brain and liver

  • M. Fernandes


The effect of perazine and the flavines FAD, FMN and riboflavine on the NAD-kinase of rat brain and the NAD-kinase of rat liver was studied.

The flavine derivatives inhibited both enzymes. The inhibition mechanism was found to be non-competitive with rat liver NAD-kinase.

Perazine, added simultaneously, restored the enzyme activity. The mechanism of interaction was elucidated by the use of the pA¯x-method and found to be competitive with rat liver NAD-kinase. The antagonism described occured with the rat brain enzyme too, but with the method used the mechanisms of inhibition and interaction could not be investigated.


FMN FAD Riboflavin Perazin NAD-Kinase Phenothiazin-Flavin-Antagonismus 


FMN FAD Riboflavine Perazine NAD-Kinase Phenothiazine-Flavine-Antagonism 


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  • M. Fernandes
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Neuropsychopharmakologie der Freien Universität BerlinDeutschland

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