Measurement Techniques

, Volume 36, Issue 9, pp 968–972 | Cite as

Canonical-parameter estimation for instrument complex frequency response

  • V. Ya. Kreinovich
  • G. N. Solopchenko
General Aspects of Metrology and Measurement Techniques


Formulas are given for evaluating the time- constants Ti, Tk, Tp, and Ts together with the damping coefficients ξk and ξs and the factor K for rational- fraction complex frequency characteristics CFC in which the numerator and denominator are polynomials represented as products of two- term and three- term expressions. Formulas are also given of the variances of the error estimators for these parameters. All the formulas are given without deviation, which is fairly lengthy and hardly necessary here.


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  • V. Ya. Kreinovich
  • G. N. Solopchenko

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