Measurement Techniques

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Measurement of rapidly changing temperatures of conducting solid bodies by means of thermocouples

  • V. V. Kornilov
  • B. I. Makarov
Thermotechnical Measurements


A thermocouple with welded electrodes possesses a considerable thermal inertia. Thermocouples without junctions are virtually inertialess and are capable of measuring rapidly changing temperatures on the surfaces of solid conducting bodies.

The contact resistance between the thermal electrodes and the body with which they make contact has the maximum effect on the precision of measurements in the case when current-measuring instruments are used. This error can be reduced by increasing the contact pressure up to 2–2.5 kg-wt/mm2 (196.13·105–245.17·105 N/m2), cleaning the contact surfaces and preheating the contact.


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  • V. V. Kornilov
  • B. I. Makarov

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