Measurement Techniques

, Volume 5, Issue 7, pp 581–582 | Cite as

Hall transducer as an UHF power indicator

  • N. V. Kotosonov
  • Yu. A. Averkin
  • R. L. Fogel'son
High and Ultrahigh Frequency Measurements


Hall transducers made of n-type germanium can be used as sufficiently efficient power indicators in the long-wave portion of the UHF range for medium power. A wattmeter of that type using a Hall transducer described above in conjunction with high quality resonators has a linear scale and a sensitivity of 1 μ V per 4 m W. The error in measuring power evaluated by deviations from the mean does not exceed ±5%.


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  • N. V. Kotosonov
  • Yu. A. Averkin
  • R. L. Fogel'son

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