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Sex attractant of the alfalfa looperAutographa californica and the celery looperAnagrapha falcifera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)


In field tests, traps baited with a combination of (Z)-7-dodecen-1-ol acetate (previously proposed to be the sex pheromone ofA. californica) and (Z)-7-dodecen-1-ol formate caught about 100 times as many males as (Z)-7-dodecen-1-ol acetate did alone. Highest catches of males were obtained with traps baited with 0.5 mg of (Z)-7-dodecen-1-ol acetate and 0.1 mg of (Z)-7-dodecen-1-ol formate impregnated on red rubber sleeve stoppers. The celery looper,Anagrapha falcifera, was also caught in traps baited with a combination of these two chemicals.

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Butler, L.I., Halfhill, J.E., McDonough, L.M. et al. Sex attractant of the alfalfa looperAutographa californica and the celery looperAnagrapha falcifera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). J Chem Ecol 3, 65–70 (1977).

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Key words

  • sex pheromone
  • sex attractant
  • Autographa californica
  • Anagrapha falcifera
  • alfalfa looper
  • celery looper
  • attractant Synergist
  • Z-7-dodecen-1-ol acetate
  • Z-7-dodecen-1-ol formate