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Heat transfer and resistance to movement in a rotationally advancing flow of conducting liquid in the presence of a magnetic field

  • I. I. Novikov
Thermophysical Measurements


The functional relationships thus obtained for the resistance and heat-transfer coefficients in a rotationally-advancing flow of a conducting liquid in a pipe with a constant internal axial magnetic field and small Reynolds magnetic numbers (Rem≪1) contains only a single longitudinal magnetic field strength component equal in the above case to the external magnetic field strength. It follows from the above that the formulas thus obtained hold both in the case when the flowing liquid does not perform any useful work, i.e., when electrical energy is not tapped off (or injected) in the form of a current, and for the case when it is tapped off (or injected).

The difference consists only in the fact that in the second instance the velocity of the liquid drops along the pipe according to the amount of the work thus obtained (and, obviously, to the work in overcoming the resistance forces). In the first instance the reduction in the velocity is due only to the overcoming of the resistance forces.

It is appropriate to note that formulas (17), (18), (20), and (21) for Ho=0 are converted into corresponding formulas for a rotationally-advancing liquid flow in a pipe without a magnetic field. The latter formulas are adequately confirmed by practical experience (see [2]). This provides grounds for assuming that the formulas will also be fully confirmed in practice.


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