Measurement Techniques

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Checking and correcting readings of commercial pH meters

  • A. S. Benevol'skii
  • M. V. Kulakov
  • V. P. Yukhnovskii
Measurement of Electrical and Magnetic Quantities


In selecting the methods for testing the pH-meter readings, one should, as a rule, give preference to the method which is specified by the testing scheme and consists of obtaining samples of the tested solution, evaluating their pH with a reference pH meter, and comparing its readings with those of the commercial pH meter. In cases when a narrow-range commercial pH meter is tested and standard buffer solutions with pH values which cover the instrument's scale are not available, the above method is the only one which can then be used.

The values of the testing method error which are characteristic for this method of checking pH meters are adequately small and virtually do not reduce the precision of measurements.


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  • A. S. Benevol'skii
  • M. V. Kulakov
  • V. P. Yukhnovskii

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