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The delimitation and taxonomic position of the tropical African generaLeptactina andDictyandra (Rubiaceae)

  • E. Robbrecht


The closely related African generaDictyandra andLeptactina are redelimited. The two genera are distinguished by long tubular corolla-tubes with included anthers (Leptactina) vs. much shorter tubes with exserted anthers (Dictyandra), rather than—as previously thought—presence or absence of multilocellate anthers. The discovery of a new species (Dictyandra congolana from the Congo and W-Zaire) confirms this. It can be concluded, especially from comparative morphological studies of fruits and seeds, thatDictyandra andLeptactina are related toPavetta, Tarenna, Ixora, etc., i.e. the group of genera in theCoffeeae s.l. with terminal inflorescences. It is proposed that the tribePavetteae be revived to accomodate those genera.

Key words

Rubiaceae Coffeeae Gardenieae Pavetteae Dictyandra Leptactina Tarenna Pavetta Dictyandra congolana sp. nova taxonomy morphology seed-coat palynology Flora of tropical Africa 


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  • E. Robbrecht
    • 1
  1. 1.Nationale Plantentuin van BelgiëDomein van BouchoutMeiseBelgium

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