Measurement Techniques

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Metrological problems in automatic production

  • M. A. Zemel'man
  • N. M. Karelin
  • V. I. Kiparenko
General Problems of Metrology


In order to ensure the successful development and application of automatic systems and, in the first place, high quality for their production, it is necessary to carry out a large amount of metrological work which has not been previously performed by the State Committee's system in working out theoretical foundations and methods of normalizing metrological characteristics of measuring instruments for automatic control, regulating and monitoring systems; in developing methods and equipment for testing and checking measuring devices of automatic system; and in carrying out state testing of automatic measuring systems.

The State Committee and its agencies should in future provide metrological evaluations of control, regulation and monitoring systems as a whole.


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  • M. A. Zemel'man
  • N. M. Karelin
  • V. I. Kiparenko

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