Measurement Techniques

, Volume 36, Issue 7, pp 816–818 | Cite as

Materials and transducers for ultrasonic flowmeters

  • L. D. Grineva
  • L. M. Slesareva
  • R. A. Molchanova
Acoustic Measurements


The construction and operation of a lead zirconate-titanate (TsTS-19) piezoelectric transducer as a component of the model UZR-V ultrasonic flowmeter with an Akustron counter is analyzed. Techniques are proposed for enhancing the operating efficiency of ultrasonic flowmeters. The study has resulted in the development of the UZD-1 and UZD-3 transducers, which utilize the new materials and have parameters superior to those of a standard transducer using TsTS-19 ceramic. The new transducers are recommended for systems designed to monitor cold and hot water flow in conduits from 30 mm to 1000 mm in diameter.


Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Water Flow Piezoelectric Transducer Ultrasonic Flowmeter 
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  • L. D. Grineva
  • L. M. Slesareva
  • R. A. Molchanova

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