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Interaction of thermal electrodes in tungsten-rhenium thermocouples with pure-oxides insulation

  • A. B. Kamenetskii
  • N. V. Gul'ko
Thermotechnical Measurements


The best available insulation for working with molybdenum, tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloy thermal electrodes consists of the following oxides.
  1. a)

    For working in an oxidizing medium in a hermetically-sealed ceramic jacket with a graphite insert at temperatures up to 1950‡C the insulation should consist of aluminum oxide or an alumomagnesium spinel.

  2. b)

    For working in a reducing medium of CO/CO2 (in furnaces with graphite heaters of the Tamman type, or for measuring temperatures in graphite blocks) at temperatures of 2300‡C the insulation should consist of magnesium oxide, strontium zirconate or calcium zirconate beads.

  3. c)

    For work in vacuum with a residual pressure of 0.013 N/m2 at temperatures up to 1950‡C the insulation should consist of aluminum oxide and spinal, at temperatures up to 1850‡C of magnesium oxide only, and up to 2300‡C of calcium and strontium zirconates.



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  • N. V. Gul'ko

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