Measurement Techniques

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Methods of producing equipment for automatic testing of indicating electrical measuring instruments

  • A. Ya. Bezikovich
  • D. I. Zorin
  • S. P. Éskin
Measurements of Electrical and Magnetic Properties


  1. 1.

    Dynamic testing methods are very promising in designing automatic test equipment, and they provide higher operating speeds and simpler equipment as compared with static methods.

  2. 2.

    In developing equipment for automated dynamic testing of indicating instruments it is necessary to bear in mind the considerable dynamic error incurred in the actual testing time and to provide special measures in order to account for and eliminate this error. In particular it is possible to use a method of feeding the tested instrument with an input signal which does not vary linearly (see Fig. 5), but according to a stepped law with an increased speed of the pointer between the tested scale marks, and the speed in the area of the marks reduced to permissible values of the dynamic error.

  3. 3.

    The most promising trend in developing automatic testing equipment consists of the dynamic method which provides high speed and precision for simple and reliable circuit designs. Moreover, the greatest attention should be paid to designing equipment which registers the coincidence of the pointer with the tested mark by means of continuous tracking of the mark and automatic evaluation of the error by a reference comparison instrument with a digital display.


This method together with special measures for eliminating the inherent dynamic testing error can serve to develop an efficient equipment for objective dynamic testing which will have as small an error as in static testing, but will be superior to it in simplicity, reliability, and efficiency.


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  • A. Ya. Bezikovich
  • D. I. Zorin
  • S. P. Éskin

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