Measurement Techniques

, Volume 10, Issue 12, pp 1456–1460 | Cite as

Dynamic characteristics of curvature, curvilinear surfaces, and contour transducers

  • S. I. Rybnikov
  • Yu. I. Smirnov
Linear and Angular Measurements


Kinematic circuits and static characteristics of curvature transducers for curves,contours,and surfaces are provided. Equations which represent the dynamic properties of transducers have been derived, amplitude-phase frequency characteristics of transducers have been plotted, and on their basis transfer functions have been derived. Transient processes due to sudden variations of the tested curvature are cited.

The transducers' dynamics have been investigated on the assumptions that the angular dimensions of the surface segments are small within the measurement base of transducers.


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  • S. I. Rybnikov
  • Yu. I. Smirnov

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