Measurement Techniques

, Volume 13, Issue 11, pp 1799–1800 | Cite as

Versatile table-top test stand for pressure-testing equipment components and sensing elements

  • Yu. I. Sovetov
  • B. Sh. Sheftel'
Brief Communications and Letters to the Editor


Tests conducted with laboratory standard devices have provided a positive evaluation of the significant characteristics of the new test stand, namely: the self-sealing design of the hermetic seals on the upper and lower openings of the pressure chamber, thereby obviating special efforts to achieve perfect seals, and the possibility of calibration techniques without using liquids, by employing the manual screw press and compressed air (from an in-plant system or from a tank). This test stand has made it possible to significantly expand the scope of application of a variety of components and sensing elements which must operate under elevated pressures.


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  • Yu. I. Sovetov
  • B. Sh. Sheftel'

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