Measurement Techniques

, Volume 4, Issue 6, pp 435–438 | Cite as

Investigating the accuracy of evolventometers

  • G. S. Simkin
  • G. Ya. Gafanovich
Linear Measurements


The measurement results indicate that for checking measuring wheels which are used as standards for grade 5 and 6 wheels (according to GOST 6512-58), as well as for checking involute cams, it is necessary to produce new evolventometers whose kinematic chain must be simple, for instance, as in the Fellow disc instruments. It is also necessary to develop a more reliable method of setting the measuring tip for a given radius of the basic circumference, avoiding the method of setting it by touch.

Such instruments are urgently required by the Committee's metrological institutions and plants which are manufacturing high precision wheels, as well as for checking involution cams designed for checking evolventometers.


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  • G. S. Simkin
  • G. Ya. Gafanovich

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