Measurement Techniques

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High-sensitivity activation neutron detector

  • S. Yu. Antropov
  • A. P. Ermilov
Measurement of Ionizing Radiations


We demonstrate that neutron fluences of nearly 1000 cm−2 can be measured when the fonctions of an activation detector and a device for recording induced activity are combined in one object i.e., a NaI(Tl) scintillation crystal. The beta radiation of the product from the127I(n, γ)128 reaction is detected with close to 100% efficiency by the crystal. The detector can be used in work with low-intensity sources of neutron fields such as neutron generators, radiosotope sources, and TOKAMAK devices.


Radiation Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Activation Neutron Activation Detector 
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  • S. Yu. Antropov
  • A. P. Ermilov

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