Measurement Techniques

, Volume 36, Issue 10, pp 1140–1146 | Cite as

Errors of digital methods of measuring the frequency of the single-frequency signal of a laser Doppler anemometer

  • V. A. Grechikhin
  • B. S. Rinkevichyus
Mechanical Measurements


An error analysis is made for the electronic processor a laser Doppler anemometer (LDA), using digital methods of measuring the frequency of the Doppler signal. We consider a method for evaluating the period of the high-frequency filling of the LDA signal from the coordinates of the “zero” of the process and a method for estimating the signal frequency from the position of the maximum value of the spectral density. The results reported show that the limiting values of the total error of measurement of the LDA signal frequency can be decreased to 0.1–0.3%.


Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Spectral Density Error Analysis Signal Frequency 
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  • V. A. Grechikhin
  • B. S. Rinkevichyus

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