Measurement Techniques

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Optimizing the magnetic system parameters inside a measuring coil

  • N. I. Trishin
  • M. R. Vinokurov
Electromagnetic Measurements


The magnetic core inside the coil of a magnetic measuring system has an optimal diameter to height ratio dm/hm for which the torque is maximal. The magnet diameter and height depend on the coil perimeter P, and their optimal ratio KF is practically independent of the coil perimeter but depends on the alloy of which the magnet is made. Implementing optimal magnet dimensions makes possible fuller utilization of the energy of a permanent magnetic core inside the magnetic system coil. If the optimal ratio of magnet diameter to its height is known, calculation of the magnetic system parameters and the design of the entire measuring instrument becomes quite simple.


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  • N. I. Trishin
  • M. R. Vinokurov

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