Measurement Techniques

, Volume 37, Issue 8, pp 921–924 | Cite as

Tsiklon, a novel partial thermal flowmeter

  • M. E. Bosin
  • G. V. Kolodii
  • P. L. Pakhomov
Mechanical Measurements


The novel flowmeter considered operates on the principle of determining the heat exchange between a gas or liquid flow and the surface of a thermal probe inserted into the flow. Energy consumption is reduced considerably by implementing partiality by means of a flow divider (transducer);at the same time the range of applicability is broadened substantially. The design of the sensor (including the divider) is described, the reduction coefficient and the heat-exchange coefficient are calculated, and a formula is given for the relation between the massflow and the thermal power “removed” from the sensor+thermal probe by the flow.


Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Energy Consumption Massflow Heat Exchange 
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  • M. E. Bosin
  • G. V. Kolodii
  • P. L. Pakhomov

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