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College attrition, student use of campus facilities, and a consideration of self-reported personal problems

  • William D. Churchill
  • Stanley I. Iwai


Five groups of undergraduate students, Dropouts (academic dismissals), Low Stopouts (voluntary leavers with low GPA), Low Persisters (continuing students with low GPA), High Stopouts (voluntary leavers with high GPA), High Persisters (continuing students with high GPA), were compared in terms of their use of various campus facilities and their responses to a checklist of personal problems. The High Stopouts and High Persisters did not differ in use of facilities. However, among the low academic performance students, the Low Persisters made significantly greater use of facilities than the Low Stopouts, who, in turn, made significantly greater use of facilities than Dropouts. These findings, for the most part, did not appear to be related to the self-reported importance of personal problems. It was concluded that among low performance students, the broad use of campus services and facilities can be taken as a measure of student integration in the college community.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • William D. Churchill
    • 1
  • Stanley I. Iwai
    • 1
  1. 1.Counseling Service, Division of Student AffairsArizona State UniversityUSA

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