Measurement Techniques

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A new method of absolute temperature measurements

  • A. D. Brodskii
  • A. V. Savateev
Thermotechnical Measurements


Preliminary experimental data shows the possibility of measuring temperature by the number of voltage noise pulses. In theory, this method provides absolute and comparative temperature measurements over a wide range: the upper limit being that at which the resistor is destroyed; the lower boundary, in theory, is limited by the superconductivity temperature of the resistor material. The sensitivity of the method rises with decreasing temperatures.

There are reasons to believe that by counting pulses over a longer period of time with highly stable temperature fields and amplifier gain with an adjustable threshold of discrimination, it will be possible to raise the absolute accuracy of temperature measurements as compared with other existing methods.


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  • A. D. Brodskii
  • A. V. Savateev

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