Measurement Techniques

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A photoelectric instrument for measuring torques

  • M. D. Konovalov
  • V. A. Rikhter
  • V. N. Tarapin
Mechanical Measurements


Tests have shown that the calibration stays unchanged (within the error of measurement) for up to a year; the error of measurement under field conditions is 3–4%, but can be reduced to 2% under laboratory conditions; the unit works well at temperatures from −20 to +35°C.

These units have been in use for several years on excavators, snow-clearing machines, road rollers and other such machines.

From the Editor. V. I. Zelinskii has used the principle described here to make the torsion gage described as “A photoelectric torque torsiometer” in No. 1 for 1958.


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  • M. D. Konovalov
  • V. A. Rikhter
  • V. N. Tarapin

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