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Host-guest interactions. I. Volumes of the sucrose +β-cyclodextrin+water ternary systems at 25°C

  • Mandeep Singh Bakshi


Densities of sucrose+β-cyclodextrin+water (SUC+CYC+W) ternary systems were measured at 25°C and mean apparent molar volumes of SUC+CYC (Vϕ,m) in water in each composite mixture have been evaluated. Apparent molar volumes of SUC (Vϕ,suc) have also been computed from the volume data of each ternary composite mixture. Variation of Vϕ,m and Vϕ,suc with respect to the total molality mt of SUC+CYC and to that of SUC msuc show the formation of inclusion complexes between SUC and CYC molecules with 1∶2 and 1∶1 stochiometries in composite mixtures of mole ratios 0.588 and 1.12 respectively.


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  • Mandeep Singh Bakshi
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIndian Institute of TechnologyHauz KhasIndia

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