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Discrete fundamental region and its asymptotics

  • A. I. Vinogradov


The calculus presented here may be called multiplicative in view of an essential dependence of it on the multiplicative structure of the function ζ D (s) from the equality (3.1).

But at the same time, the function ζ D (s) possesses also an additive structure of the form of the sum over the roots ω j from Lemma 1.1. Therefore, it is possible to calculate the square mean (3.2) using the sums of Kloosterman-Salié sums in the average with respect toD, and to obtain its asymptotics by a spectral approach using Kuznetsov's formulas (see [6]) for summing on Weil's metaplectic group [7]. The possibility of connecting the Riemann hypothesis with the square mean estimates of the discrete spectrum of the metaplectic group appears in this way.


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