In vivo labeling of myelin lipids and proteolipid protein with [3H]myristate, [14C]linoleate, and [14C]linolenate


To investigate the incorporation of essential fatty acids into myelin components, 24-day-old rabbits were injected intracerebrally with [14C]linoleate, [14C]linolenate, or [3H]Myristate for comparison. Animals were killed 22 hr later and myelin was isolated. [3H]myristate labeled all myelin lipids including monogalactosyl diglyceride, with the exception of sulfatides. With14C-essential fatty acids, only glycerophospholipids were efficiently labeled and their specific activities were in the following decreasing orders: PC>PI>PE>PS with [14C]linoleate, and PE>PC>PI=PS with [14C]linolenate. Among myelin proteins, PLP and DM-20 were labeled with all 3 precursors. PLP was purified from myelin labeled with14C-essential fatty acids. The label was then cleaved from the protein by alkaline methanolysis and was identified as a dienoic ([14C]linoleate) or a tetraenoic ([14C]linolenate) fatty acid. MBP was not labeled with [3H]myristate, but was slightly labeled with both14C-essential fatty acids. The signification of the latter result is discussed.

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fatty acid(s)


high-performance thin-layer chromatography


myelin basic protein


proteolipid protein




phosphatidylethanolamine and ethanolamine plasmalogens






sodium dodecylsulfate


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