Uptake of H3-5-hydroxytryptophan by noradrenergic nerves in the mouse pancreas studied with electron microscopic autoradiography

  • Lars E. Ericson


The uptake and distribution of radioactivity in vascular adrenergic nerves in the mouse pancreas following the injection of tritiated 5-hydroxytryptophan was studied by means of electron microscopic autoradiography. Autoradiographic silver grains were found selectively accumulated over axonal profiles. Quantitative analysis revealed a characteristic intraneuronal distribution of the silver grains, most of which probably represent 5-hydroxytryptamine formed by decarboxylation from the labeled precursor. Thus, the grain density over adrenergic nerve terminals, containing a mixed population of vesicles and granules, was about 5 times higher than the grain density recorded over non-terminal axonal parts and at least 20 times higher than the grain density found over surrounding adventitial tissue and smooth muscle cells. This was interpreted as an evidence that 5-hydroxytryptamine was taken up and stored in adrenergic terminals.


Noradrenergic nerves Terminals Uptake of 5-hydroxytryptamine Electron microscopic autoradiography 


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