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Neuroendocrine heart and hypothalamus

  • Armen Galoyan
An Overview


Data on the endocrine heart—neurosecretory cells of heart, producing coronarydilatory, metabolically active glycopeptides with physico-chemical and biological properties similar to those of previously discovered cardioactive hypothalamic neurohormones—are summarized. Heart hormones participate in both local and distant regulation of heart metabolism and function. Formation and action of these heart hormones is closely related to hypothalamic cardioactive neurohormones K, C, and G and their protein precursors. Neurohormones from heart and hypothalamus comprise a system of neurohumoral connections between these two organs. A possible role of APUD cells in the generation of a number of heart peptides and glycopeptides exerting hormonal activity is discussed.


Peptide Biological Property Protein Precursor Glycopeptide Distant Regulation 
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Abbreviations Used


Neurohormone C


Neurohormone K


Hypothalamic NC


Hypothalamic NK


NC cleaved from protein-carrier


NK cleaved from protein-carrier


Brain blood NC


Brain blood NK


Substrate 1 from heart


Substrate 2 from heart


Substrate 3 from heart


Substrate 1 from heart blood


Substrate 2 from heart blood


H1 cleaved from protein-carrier


H2 cleaved from protein-carrier


H3 cleaved from protein-carrier


Coronaroconstrictory substance cleaved from protein-carrier


Gomori-positive granules


Mast-like cells


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