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Philological observations on the so-called Pātañajalayogasūtrabhāsyavivarana(Studies in the PāntañjalayogaŚñstravivarana I)

  • Albrecht Wezler


The present article deals with the problem of the correct title of the so-called Pātañajalayogasūtrabhāsyavivarana (1.), and points out the obvious weaknesses of the only available edition of the text (in this connection a passage throwing light on thecittabhūmis is studied more closely) (2.) Attention is drawn to manuscripts not used by the editors of the printed text and the value of one specific MS. for constituting the text is shown (3.). Next (4.), evidence is adduced to demonstrate the extraordinary testimonial value of the Vivarana for constituting a critical text of the Yogabhāsya, and, finally (5.), the problem of authorship is touched upon on the basis of P. Hacker's contribution.


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