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Measurement of the ratio of glomerular filtration rate to plasma volume from the technetium-99m diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid renogram: comparison with glomerular filtration rate in relation to extracellular fluid volume

  • A. Michael Peters
  • Helen Allison
  • W. Yu. Ussov
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Individual kidney glomerular filtration rate (IKGFR) can be measured from the renogram from the rate of uptake of technetium-99m diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid (99mTc-DTPA). A blood sample is required to derive IKGFR in millilitres per minute, which is then usually normalised to body surface area. We describe a technique which does not require a blood sample, is already normalised for plasma volume and uses the robust Patlak plot for measuring renal uptake. The rate of kidney uptake, dR(t)ldt, at time = 0, as a fraction of the injected dose, is equal to the fraction of the plasma volume (PV) filtered per minute, i.e. IKGFR/PV. The gradient dR(0)/dt cannot be accurately measured directly but is equal to [α · LV(0)], where α is the renal uptake constant (proportional to IKGFR) and LV is the count rate over a left ventricular ROI. LV(0) was obtained by extrapolation of LV(t), while a is the slope of the Patlak plot up to 3 min. GFR/PV (i.e. right plus left kidneys) in patients with normal renal function was about 0.04 min−1, as would be expected from normal values of GFR (120 ml/min) and plasma volume (3 l). GFR/PV correlated significantly with the ratio of GFR to extracellular fluid volume (ECV), measured from the terminal exponential of the plasma clearance curve (GFR/PV = 3.2.GFR/ECV + 5.3 ml/min/1 [r = 0.82,n = 82]). GFR/PV (r = 0.74) and GFR/ECV (r = 0.82) both correlated inversely and non-linearly with plasma creatinine in 43 studies where the measurement was made within 1 week of the99mTcDTPA study. They also correlated significantly with the plasma cyclosporin trough level in 14 patients with dermatomyositis on the 30 occasions when this measurement was made within 1 week of the renogram (r = −0.38,P < 0.05 for GFR/PV andr = −0.77,P < 0.001 for GFR/ECV). The ratio of GFR/PV to GFR/ECV is the ratio of extracellular fluid volume to plasma volume, and this was 4.0 (SD 0.99). We conclude that both GFR/PV and GFR/ECV can be easily measured with99mTc-DTPA and are physiologically valid expressions of GFR. Although GFR/PV and GFR/ECV correlate with each other, the question is raised as to which of the two fluid volumes is the most appropriate for normalising GFR.

Key words

Glomerular filtration rate Plasma volume Extracellular fluid volume Technetium-99m diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid 


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  • A. Michael Peters
    • 1
  • Helen Allison
    • 1
  • W. Yu. Ussov
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Diagnostic RadiologyHammersmith HospitalLondonUK

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