Linear control theory and quasi-differential equations

  • W. N. Everitt
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LetI be an interval of the real line, and letA andB ben×n complex-valued, Lebesgue measurable, matrix functions defined onI such thatALloc1(I) andBLloc(I). Ifx=[x1x2⋯x n ] t andu=[u1u2u n ] t are column vectors defined onI such thatxACloc1anduLloc1(I) then the linear control problem considered isx′(t)=A(t)x(t)+B(t)u(t) (t∈I) wherex is the response, andu is the control. This paper is concerned with the problem of determining necessary and sufficient conditions onA andB to make (*) fully controllable onI, without departing from the basic requirementsAL loc 1 (I) andBL loc (I)


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