Polymer Bulletin

, Volume 29, Issue 3–4, pp 253–258 | Cite as

Cationic polymerization in iodine/liquid sulfur dioxide system

I. The polymerization of alpha-methylstyrene
  • Bluma G. Soares
  • Andréa da Silva
  • Ailton S. Gomes


The cationic polymerization of alpha-methylstyrene initiated by iodine was investigated in dichloromethane and liquid SO2. Reactions carried out in SO2 were faster with an increase of molecular weight at higher iodine concentration at-60°C. The increase of molecular weight with conversion and the values of average number of polymer chains less than theoretical suggest the presence of living or long-lived propagation species.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Bluma G. Soares
    • 1
  • Andréa da Silva
    • 1
  • Ailton S. Gomes
    • 1
  1. 1.Instituto de MacromoléculasUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Centro de TecnologiaRio de JaneiroBrasil

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