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The SAG2 antigen ofToxoplasma gondii and the 31-kDa surface antigen ofSarcocystis muris share similar sequence features

  • Marie-France Cesbron-Delauw
Short Communication


In the search for similar cysteine distribution patterns among surface antigens of members of the phylum of Apicomplexa, we found a resemblance between TgSAG2, a 22-kDa surface antigen ofToxoplasma gondii, and the C-terminal half of a 31-kDa surface antigen ofSarcocystis muris, SmSAG1. The overall degree of similarity is low, corresponding to 28% of identity in the 146 amino acids aligned. However, the conservative spacing between the cysteine residues suggest that this similarity might have functional implications. The described amino acid similarity provides a new clue to the molecular relationship between two closely related coccidian parasites.


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  • Marie-France Cesbron-Delauw
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  1. 1.INSERM U415Institut Pasteur de LilleLille CédexFrance

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