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Budgetdefizit und Leistungsbilanzsaldo-Replik

  • Gunther Tichy


In a previous article I explained the gradual deterioration of Austria's current balance in the seventies and its pronounced deficit in 1976 and 1977 within the framework of the relative absorption approach by reference to capacity utilization rates that were high compared to those of other countries. The high utilization rates in turn were the consequence of an expansive economic policy, in particular of an expansive fiscal policy. Guger-Wörgötter, on the other hand, interpret the deficit in the Austrian current balance as the result of weak foreign demand and view the budget deficit as an attempt to compensate for insufficient aggregate demand; they conclude that full employment policies should be continued disregarding the economic development abroad. The present paper presents additional evidence that the deficit in the current balance is attributable to the fact that Austria's economic policy maintained a higher rate of capacity utilization than abroad. Such a policy serves a useful purpose and can be financed by foreign currency reserves only in the case of a cyclical demand deficiency; in the long run, however, it can be sustained at best only under a regime of flexible exchange rates (continuing devaluation).


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