, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 219–239 | Cite as

Gesamtwirtschaftliche Auslastungsmaße

  • Fritz Schebeck
  • Gerhard Thury
Empirica 2 '76 Zeitschrift des Österreichischen Institutes für Wirtschaftsforschung


The knowledge of utilization measures of economic performance is important for macroeconomic policy purposes. Our objective in this paper is to estimate — for the Austrian economy — aggregate measures of resource utilization, based on dynamic demand functions for factors of production and on the technological conditions of production which underlie factor demands. We present four measures, namely, the utilization rates of labor-optimizing output, capacity (or capital-optimizing) output, full employment output, and potential output.


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© Gustav Fischer 1976

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  • Fritz Schebeck
  • Gerhard Thury

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