International Journal of Family Therapy

, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 98–106 | Cite as

Family/school strategies in dealing with the troubled child

  • Barbara E. DiCocco
  • Ellen B. Lott


Often a troubled child will exhibit problem behaviors in school. In many cases, these behaviors can be controlled and quickly curtailed by the teacher. In other cases, parents may have to intervene with rules and consequences. Sometimes, however, both teacher and parents fail, and the child's school problems escalate until they have reached crisis proportions. At this point, a therapist often becomes involved. The therapist can greatly enhance his or her range of possible therapeutic strategies by temporarily including the child's teacher in the hierarchical reorganization of the family. The expansion of the family hierarchy to include the teacher expedites the problem-solving process. The phases of problem escalation and proposed hierarchical reorganization are offered by way of clinical principles and case illustrations to demonstrate this viewpoint.


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  • Barbara E. DiCocco
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  • Ellen B. Lott
  1. 1.RICA II Satellite ProgramRock Creek CenterFrederick

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