A spectroscopic criterion for the coordination of aluminum in the anionic body

  • V. A. Kolesova
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    The oscillation frequency of the Al-O bond in the lattice of oxides and hydroxides of aluminum, built of AlO6 octahedra, lies at about 760 cm−1 in the infrared absorption spectra of these compounds. In the spectra of the monoaluminates of alkali and alkaline earth metals, built of AlO4 tetrahedra, the frequency of Al-O occurs in the region 800–900 cm−1.

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    We have studied the polymorphic transformation of the low temperatue and high temperature modifications of lithium monoaluminate, LiAlO2, which involves reconstruction of the lattice with change in the coordination number of aluminum with respect to oxygen from 6 to 4. The Al-O frequency in the spectrum ofl-LiAlO2 lies at 760 cm−1, and in the spectrum of h-LiAlO2 it lies in the region 800–900 cm−1.



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  • V. A. Kolesova
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  1. 1.I. V. Grebenshchikov Institute of Silicate ChemistryAcademy of SciencesUSSR

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