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Hydrosonic intercapsular piecemeal phacoemulsification or the ‘HIPP’TM technique

  • Aziz Y. Anis
Section: New Development, Products and Techniques


Hydrosonic Inter-capsular Phaco emulsification is a small incision cataract extraction technique performed totally within the confines of the intact capsular bag through a small peripheral anterior capsulorhexis located at 12 o'clock close to the external incision. In addition to the obvious protective advantages to the corneal endothelium and other structures of the anterior segment, the technique has inherent Hydrodynamics properties that increase the precision and safety of the procedure. Thorough Hydrodissection and Hydrofragmentation which are essential steps of the procedure are accomplished with the Hydrosonic handpiece. The following is a detailed description of the technique.

Key words

hydrodelineation hydrofragmentation hydrosonics intercapsular nuclear lamellae nuclear hard-core Epinucleus 


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