Thomson scattering taken into account in the relativistic transfer equations for a grey-body and stationary shock wave structure

  • Yu. I. Morozov


Exact relativistic transfer equations for components of the energy-momentum tensor of the radiation are obtained on the basis of the relativisticatly covariant radiation transfer equation. Here the absorption and scattering coefficients of the radiation by the medium, which is taken to be a real gas, are considered to be independent of the frequency of the radiation. Eddington's assumption is used as the angutar approximation. The system of equations thus obtained is applied in order to investigate the structure of a stationary shock wave of amplitude greater than the critical. A qualitative picture is obtained of the variation of hydrodynamic and radiation characteristics over the entire shock wave zone. It is found that in the case when scattering predominates over absorption the radiation acts on the gas like a non-transparent piston and in doing so limits the radiation damping of the shock wave.


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  • Yu. I. Morozov
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