Reactions of fluoroolefins Communication 8. Reactions of perfluorovinylmagnesium halides

  • I. L. Knuniants
  • R. N. Sterlin
  • R. D. Iatsenko
  • L. N. Pinkina


  1. 1.

    It was shown that perfluorovinylmagnesium iodide and perfluorovinylmagnesium bromide can be prepared in yields of 70 and 45%, respectively, in a reaction medium of ether or tetrahydrofuran.

  2. 2.

    A new method was found for the preparation of perfluoroacrylic acid; the method comprises the reaction of CF2=CFMgI with carbon dioxide.



Ether Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Bromide Iodide 
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  • I. L. Knuniants
  • R. N. Sterlin
  • R. D. Iatsenko
  • L. N. Pinkina

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