Effect of the sequence of the introduction of foreign substances on the action of papain

  • Krishna Bahadur
  • B. D. Atreya


In general, aniline, aniline hydrochloride, aniline sulfate, and triethylamine act as inhibitors in the hydrolysis of casein or of a suspension of flour from grain of Cicer arietinum by means of papain. The order in which the enzyme and the substrate is added to the inhibitor often has a significant effect. As a rule, there is a greater retardation when the enzyme is added last to a complex of the substrate and the inhibitor.


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  • Krishna Bahadur
    • 1
  • B. D. Atreya
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  1. 1.Chemical Departments of Allahabad University and of the Bhalwant Rajput CollegeIndia

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