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Zur Chemie des „Dinaphthyldichinhydron”

  • Helga Wittmann
  • Heinz Jeller
Organische Chemie und Biochemie

The chemistry of „Dinaphthyldiquinhydrone”


„Dinaphthyldiquinhydrone” (4) first obtained byStenhouse andGroves2 reacts as well as 4,4′-bi-(1,2-naphthoquinone)1 with aniline and substituted anilines to give anilinoquinones2 a-h. However, yields of2 are considerable higher if4 is used. The IR-Spectrum of4 is very similar to that of 2,11-dihydroxy-3,10-perylenquinone, therefore we suggest for4 a the structure of a 3,3′-dihydroxy-4,4′-dioxo-1,1′, 4,4′-tetrahydro-1,1′-binaphthylidene, at least in the solid state.


Anilinoquinone 3,3-Dihydroxy-4,4′-dioxo-1,1′, 4,4′-tetrahydro-1,1′-binaphthylidene Dinaphthyldiquinhydrone 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Helga Wittmann
    • 1
  • Heinz Jeller
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für Organische ChemieUniversität GrazGrazÖsterreich

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