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Mehrfachinfektion mit RNS-Phagen

III. Mitteilung Doppelinfektion mit fr-Mutanten und Restaurierung von f2-Mutanten mit fr-A 105
  • P. Knolle


Pre-infection of cells (grown in nutrient broth) with the fr mutant A105 resulted in partial exclusion of superinfecting fr, as determined with single burst experiments. The extent of exclusion increased with the time interval between A105- and fr-input. Pre-infection of cells (grown in yeast tryptone broth) with fr suppressed the formation of superinfecting A105, pre-infection with A105 however did not suppress the formation of superinfecting fr (determined as serum-resistant PFU). Simultaneous infection of cells, grown in yeast tryptone broth, with fr and A105 showed in single-burst experiments double infection to occur: 50% of the single bursts contained both plaque types.

Rescue of the host-dependent f2 mutants su-1 and su-3 could be demonstrated with the fr mutant A105.

With su-1, rescue could only be demonstrated if cells were simultaneously infected or if A105 preceeded su-1. Pre-infection with su-1 resulted in exclusion of A105. With su-3 the reverse was found: pre-infection with A105 resulted in exclusion of the f2 mutant, pre-infection with su-3 permitted rescue with A105. Removal of unadsorbed phages between inputs did not influence the yield of rescued phage.


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  • P. Knolle
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  1. 1.School of Medicine, Department of BiochemistryNew York UniversityNew YorkUSA

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