Applied physics

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Investigations to the increase of the specific energy of a gasdynamic CO-laser

  • F. Maisenhälder
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The input power density and hence the output power of electrically excited gasdynamic lasers is limited by instabilities of the glow discharge. The application of theoretical results, which have been obtained with respect of convection or flow lasers, to the discharge region of an electrically excited gasdynamic CO-laser shows, that especially thermal instabilities cause this glow collapse. An increased convection of local heat concentrations in front of the anode surface results in an improved stability behaviour. Input power densities of up to 100 W/cm3 are now accessible to operate the glow discharge and hence specific laser output powers of 57 kJ/kg are obtained.




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  • F. Maisenhälder
    • 1
  1. 1.Institut für PlasmadynamikStuttgart 80Fed. Rep. Germany

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