Applied physics

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Negative differential resistance in theV(I)-characteristic of superconducting Sn-whiskers

  • J. D. Meyer
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The current-induced step structure in the phase transition from the superconducting to the normal conducting state of whiskers of tin shows hysteretic behaviour. By shunting the whisker by a small normal conductor a stable reentrant part of theV(I)-characteristic (negative differential resistance) could be measured for the first step both by de and ac instruments. If the condition of stabilization is not fullfilled, the voltage in the hysteretic region shows oscillations. These oscillations were measured and calculated with a simple model.

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Superconductivity Non-equilibrium transport properties Current induced transition 


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  • J. D. Meyer
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  1. 1.I. Physikalisches Institut, UniversitätGöttingenFed. Rep. Germany

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