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Correlation functions of rainfall field and their application in network design in the tropics

  • D. A. Mooley
  • P. M. Mohamed Ismail


The study examines the correlation function of tropical monsoon rainfall on monthly, seasonal and annual time scales and obtains the relationship between this function and the distance. The area selected for study is Vidarbha with a fairly dense network of rain gauges. Vidarbha is a meteorological sub-division of the state of Maharashtra in India. Utilizing the relationship between the correlation function of the rainfall field and the distance, the errors of optimum interpolation of rainfall at a point have been computed by applying the method of optimum interpolation byGandin (1970). Relationships between the errors of interpolation and distance have been evaluated and from this the maximum spacing allowed between rain gauges for a specified tolerable error in interpolation has been estimated for each of the periods.

Key words

Correlation function Interpolation Network design 


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© Birkhäuser Verlag 1982

Authors and Affiliations

  • D. A. Mooley
  • P. M. Mohamed Ismail
    • 1
  1. 1.Indian Institute of Tropical MeterologyPuneIndia

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