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Effect on dispersions in a multilayered medium due to the presence of an anisotropic layer

  • B. S. Sharma


In this paper we discuss the propagation of Rayleigh type waves in an elastic medium with two horizontal layers overlying a semi-infinite elastic medium above which lies a liquid layer. The upper solid layer is taken to be transversally isotropic the elastic properties of which are given by the strain energy volume density function
$$2 W = A(e_{xx^2 } + e_{yy^2 } ) + Ce_{xx^2 } + 2 F(e_{xx} + e_{yy} ) e_{zz} + 2(A - 2 N) e_{xx } e_{yy} + L(e_{yz^2 } + e_{zx^2 } ) + Ne_{xy^2 } .$$

The liquid layer is assumed to be homogeneous. The equation giving the wave velocity as a function of wave number is determined as a determinant of eleventh order which has further been simplified for different particular cases. The numerical solution of the problem will be conveyed in the next paper.


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  • B. S. Sharma
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  1. 1.Govt. CollegeKurukshetraIndia

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