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Untersuchungen über fiktiveg zz -Anomalien und über die Möglichkeit derer Beseitigung

  • Franz Steiner


After showing the possible definitions of the fictioious anomalies of local gravitational maps derived from Bouguer-maps, in the first part is discussed that
$$\frac{{\smallint G dF}}{{\smallint |G |dF}} = 0$$
is the better fulfilled, the greater the map is in comparison with the horizontal dimensions of the anomalies (it is to integrate for the whole map;G is the derived quantity, e.g. residual org zz , obtained with method which are applying linear combinations of mean values on circles). It means that ficitious anomalies appear necessarily by such residual methods in general.—Because of the dependency of theG-values ons (radius of the smallest circle) applying such methods, in the second part is proposed the deduction ofs-independent formula for computing ofG, to diminish the disturbing effect of the fictitious anomalies. It is shown that the expression
$$8.9\mathop \smallint \limits_0^\infty Res(s)/s^3 ds$$
gives satisfactoryg zz -approximations by pointmass [Res(s) is the residual-value as a function ofs obtained by the surface interpolation formula, [3] (7), usingd 1 2 =d2=2].


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  1. 1.Institut für Geophysik der Technischen Universität für die SchwerindustrieMiskolcUngarn

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