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On a refinement of the theory of the Moon's physical librations

  • Irving Michelson


The standard formulation of the dynamics of physical librations of the Moon is re-examined in the light of currently accepted reduced estimates of the mechanical ellipticity of the lunar equator. It is seen that a more complete mathematical model is required which accounts for centrifugal couples and in which the sum of inclinations of lunar orbit (5°9′) and equator (1°30′) is not regarded as an infinitesimal quantity. Although it remains doubtful whether linearized differential equations can be expected to yield a quantitatively useful theory, a preliminary to more accurate calculation consists in analyzing the motion with fewer restrictions than has been customary. The main features of such a treatment are given which unify the classical analysis by showing how the afore-mentioned inclinations can be used to estimate the two principal mass parameters that affect physical librations. When accurate short-period libration data become available, the constants in question can be evaluated without recourse to orbital data used in the past.


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