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Tsunami generation of the 1993 Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake

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pure and applied geophysics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Heterogeneous fault motion of the 1993 Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake is studied by using seismic, geodetic and tsunami data, and the tsunami generation from the fault model is examined. Seismological analyses indicate that the focal mechanism of the first 10 s, when about a third of the total moment was released, is different from the overall focal mechanism. A joint inversion of geodetic data on Okushiri Island and the tide gauge records in Japan and Korea indicates that the largest slip, about 6 m, occurred in a small area just south of the epicenter. This corresponds to the initial rupture on a fault plane dipping shallowly to the west. The slip on the northernmost subfault, which is dipping to the east, is about 2 m, while the slips on the southern subfaults, which are steeply dipping to the west, are more than 3 m. Tsunami heights around Okushiri Island are calculated from the heterogeneous fault model using different grid sizes. Computation on the smaller grids produces large tsunami height that are closer to the observed tsunami runup heights. Tsunami propagation in the nearly closed Japan Sea is examined as the free oscillation of the Japan Sea. The excitation of the free oscillation by this earthquake is smaller than that by the 1964 Niigata or 1983 Japan Sea earthquake.

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