Journal of engineering physics

, Volume 58, Issue 6, pp 686–692 | Cite as

Interfacial stability and heat transfer during film boiling on a vertical surface

  • V. S. Granovskii
  • V. B. Khabenskii
  • S. M. Shmelev


From a consideration of a model for the development of perturbations at the interface during film boiling on a vertical surface in a large volume of saturated liquid, the conditions have been found for the loss of stability of the vapor-liquid interface, which characterizes the maximum attainable vapor film thickness. The motion of the vapor in the “thin” parts of the film not covered by bubbles is assumed to be laminar. The analytical expression which is obtained for heat transfer has the form Nu = 0.19 Ar1/3 and satisfactorily generalizes the experimental data.


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  • V. S. Granovskii
  • V. B. Khabenskii
  • S. M. Shmelev

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